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Our Root Values

Our values are deeply rooted in doing what’s right for community and nature — as farmers, as herbalists, as stewards, as educators and as employers — just as they were back in 1979.

We are farmers

As farmers, we work in balance with nature, as Regenerative Organic farmers and a United Plant Savers Botanical Sanctuary. We do right from the soil up, as a part of the ecosystem at large, to help slow and reverse climate change as much as we can.


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We enhance our soil by planting diverse cover crops, like Oats.

We are herbalists

As herbalists, we are grounded by a deeply held trust in nature and follow industry updates from the American Herbal Products Association. We support fellow herbalists and groups like the American Botanical Council and United Plant Savers, to honor our heritage and safeguard our future.


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We help conserve Goldenseal in our UpS Botanical Sanctuary.

We are stewards

As stewards, we protect and preserve our own community as well as those we impact, as a Certified B Corporation. Our values-driven leaders plan for the long term, and we do our part to have a positive influence on the world.


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Standing amid Echinacea, we are reminded of the bigger picture.

We are educators

As educators, we share our wisdom and never stop learning, cultivating plants not only for profits but to preserve traditional knowledge. We seek to inspire and inform consumers and retailers, and, through our Herbaculture Internship Program, the next generation of herbalists.


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We have offered internships for fledgling herbalists since 1980.

We are employers

As employers, we balance purpose with profit, treating our employees with respect and gratitude. We strive for abundance, providing comprehensive benefits like living wages, company-paid medical insurance, matching 401(k) contributions and profit sharing.


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We have the utmost respect for our employees and the work they do.